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Introducing.. The Mack & Marley Show.

Welcome to the Mack & Marley Show!

Your premium resource for the finest and most stylish kids clothing.. At The Mack & Marley Show, we bring you some of the most amazing collection of kids fashion designed to make every child look like a star. Each piece we list is made to make your kids the coolest in town as we use a combination of attractive colours, comfortable fits and awesome designs that even they will love. From dresses, shoes, accessories, and jackets, there simply are no restrictions to the clothing choices we provide. We understand that finding the perfect choice of kids clothing can be a hassle, especially when they don’t like it themselves. With us, that problem goes out the window! We bring you a one-stop-shop to find all of the stylish cool kids clothing to make your child standout while looking like the legend they are.The excellent styling options we bring is not a compromise on functionality as we also offer you clothing pieces that help your kids stay ready for the right occasion. Winter? Kids parties? Summer? Or even formal occasions? We’ve got you covered. Take a quick look at our store and explore the amazing collections we provide.

Who we are

Hi, my name is Helen, the founder of the Mack and Marley Show. I am a married mum from Melbourne Australia, Mack and Marley are my 6-year old identical twin boys. What started as an assignment for my Diploma of Digital Design, I created this website to help parents of young kids and babies such as myself to have a place to shop for all of their children’s clothing. Being a mum myself, I understand exactly how difficult it can be to search for the perfect kids clothing especially styles that makes them look like the cool and magnificent bundles of joy they are. By creating this platform, I believe parents can shop for stylish, comfortable, functional and versatile clothing for their children at affordable rates. My number one goal is to provide clothing items that even the kids themselves would love as they get to look their best and feel the same too! Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, inquiries or suggestions.

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